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5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Modeling Career with ClickStartMe

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 by in Ideas, Modeling Maven, Project Help, Take 5 | 0 comments

5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Modeling Career with ClickStartMe

-       by Maven (Modeling Maven & the ClickStart Crew) 

You’ve got the face, the look and the ambition – but you need cash to invest in your modeling career. Thanks to the revolution known as crowdfunding, you now have a way to showcase your incredible talent and gather supporters from across the country. Here are 5 ideas for projects you can promote on ClickStartMe to help put you on the fast track to success:

#1Hire a Portfolio Photographer. Putting together a flawless portfolio is an absolute essential that can easily break the bank — the right photographer can cost thousands of dollars. The good news is that you can start a project to finance your own photo shoot on ClickStartMe, and make this necessary career investment. Before you start reaching out to supporters, research the best photographers, pick your 3 favorites and get an estimate from each one on the cost of putting together an eye-popping portfolio.

#2Create a Polished, Professional Website. Setting up your own website, and then getting it seen, can literally take your modeling career through the stratosphere, but you may not have the money you need to do it on your own. Using crowdfunding can get you the backing necessary to set up your own web space, and create your own horde of ardent fans at the same time. What better way to send your website photos viral than all those supporters who’ll be spreading the word about their new favorite model?

#3Finance Your Move to the Big Apple. Maybe you’ve enjoyed some success on the local modeling scene, but now you’re ready to take on New York, pound that hallowed pavement and take your place as the next celebrated supermodel. Then you realize just how expensive it is to actually live in NYC. Check out all the alternatives for living arrangements, get the low down on day-to-day living expenses, figure out how much you’ll need for a year’s worth, and put out a passionate plea for support via ClickStartMe.

#4Answer That Casting Call. New York may be the traditional Mecca for models, but there are potential dream projects in the works all across the US – but they’re hundreds or thousands of miles from your hometown. If only you could afford to make it to a few of those casting calls, your career could take off!  Plan an itinerary that incorporates several that appeal to you the most, estimate your travel expenses, and set up a project on ClickStartMe to get the backing you need.

#5Stage Your Own Fashion/Charity Event. Using a fashion show to get the word out about a charity close to your heart is a fantastic way to raise funds for a worthy cause and get some career-boosting exposure at the same time. Even though you may have some goods and services donated, there will be lots of necessary expenses you’ll need to cover. Create a detailed plan for your dream charity event, total up the amount of money you’ll need, and then use ClickStartMe as a platform to reach potential supporters who care as much as you do.

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